Simple YouTube Marketing Tips And Tricks

YouTube has become a key component in internet marketing. According to statistics from Nielsen, a leading measurement and global information company, at least 15 billion videos are streamed on a monthly basis.

They go on to say that while TV viewership went up by 0.2%, mobile videos increased by about 20% while internet video viewing increased by 35%.

Imagine what would happen if you could properly take advantage of YouTube?

Well, many people have tried but are still unable to reap the benefits. The secret in succeeding in YouTube marketing, lies in the following tips and tricks.

Without further a due, let’s dive right into Ninja marketing tactics on how to grow your YouTube channel fast and easy.

Come-up with a Compelling Video

With millions of videos being streamed via YouTube very month, how do you expect a plain and text-ridden video to standout from the rest? Truth is it may only be seen by only a handful.

Yes you don’t own a cat that can play the guitar or a mouse than spins the loom, but you still to have a video that conjures the same interest.

Look into issues that are usually overlooked. For instance, how’s your screen video capture? What about using expert interviews and slide shows?

At the end of the day ask yourself whether a viewer will learn anything new from the video or will it offer a solution to a problem.

Think Unconventionally

Imagine a wild animal such as a monkey communicating to other creatures using the latest smartphone?

Or seeing a young girl dancing in some nice shoes and dress then discovering later that the video isn’t about shoes, dancing or kid dresses but a phone? This is what thinking unconventionally is about.

Fact is that just like most content on the internet, videos share the same ideology and most have been rehashed quite a lot. The best way to standout is using a different approach to relay the message.

Improve Visibility

Coming up with a video and placing it on YouTube has become quite easy. In fact, you will have a quality video up and running in no time even if you have little skills.

However, unless you make it easy for people to find the video, it will be swallowed by the millions of other videos.

Videos that are on the first page of YouTube will have the highest view. You should also aim at placing them on the top page of Google.

A good trick is ensuring the keyword can be found within the first words of the title, or starting with the keyword then placing a colon and the title follows.

Make The Viewer Curious

A key rule in making a video more entertaining is not to use lot of unnecessary content. Not only does it take to much space but will have the viewer bored before understanding what the video is all about.

However, the video shouldn’t tell everything all at once.

It should leave the customer hanging and desperate to know what it’s about. Always start with a little information and draw the viewer.

Thereafter, use catchy phrases such as “A complete description of this video can be found at.., or visit our website to get more details about this video“.

This will lead the visitor to your website and improves the rate of conversion.

Take Advantage of YouTube Ads

Studies show that many people are accessing videos after clicking on an ad by YouTube. They work in a similar manner to Google’s PPC(Pay-per-Click) where the marketer pays a small fee after a user clicks the ad and is redirected to the page.

However, YouTube Ads are videos and not texts.

The Ads are created based on the most popular keywords and save the creator the trouble of researching on the most popular search times. However, you need to be prepared to pay a small fee for this strategy but the returns outweigh the cost.

Successfully marketing your company, services or products via YouTube is more achievable if you focus on the above tricks and tips. This also saves you from spending too much resources and time on nonviable techniques that add minimal or zero value.

Nonetheless,even after launching a successful YouTube video campaign, you also need to keep tabs and monitor your performance. This entails researching new video context ideas, confirming whether you hit your audience target, trying-out different contextual keywords, embracing any new developments and much more.

In addition to making your products and services more noticeable, using the right YouTube marketing tips and tricks makes your website an authority in its niche.